10m downloads in only 248 days,
over a million active users,
1000s of livestream moments

    •     Livestream daily moments, anything from cooking, travelling, putting on makeup to singing, dancing or just having fun
    •     Beautify option that makes you look gorgeous even after a stressful day


Photo/Video Sharing

    •     Photo Sharing: share your selfies or awesome pictures
    •     Video Sharing: take videos and share a life moment

Make Friends

    •     Make friends, stream and talk, comment on posts, send gifts, give hearts; there are so many ways to interact!
    •     follow cool streamers and friends, discover your fans, never miss out an opportunity to stay up to date! 

Content Review

    •     Our review team is working 24/7 to ensure our content is suitable for everyone on the app
    •     weekly updates to ensure you have the best experience 

Revenue Sharing

    •     Content Revenue Sharing Model: share photos/videos and start livestreams and get revenue
    •     Start livestreaming and get revenue sharing from received gifts 


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